About us

Pakistan is host to a rich culture represented by its unique crafts and hereditary craftsmanship.  This cultural richness not only needs to be preserved but also communicated further to the young generation of Pakistan and to the world. Krafters came into being for this purpose. To let the people know how amazing our culture is and how it is described through the work of our artisans. The best way to do that is develop quality products that not only represent the richness of our soil but also encompass utility.

Krafters, a contemporary brand offers handcrafted traditions from Pakistan with an aim to revive and sustain craft traditions, and empower craft artisans to live a life of respect, dignity and independence. The brainchild of two social activists and entrepreneurs, the brand has been established to produce quality fashion & utility items through engaging masters at crafts from all over Pakistan. Therefore while on one hand amazing products are being developed on the other respectable income earning opportunities are being created for the expert craftsmen and craftswoman of Pakistan.  The products developed define superior quality, craftsmanship and design. It is an eco-conscious brand producing fashion products utilizing the age old craftsmanship of rural artisans of Pakistan to produce new market oriented products. Customers prefer products that involve a lot of handwork and craftsmanship to make them feel their money is well spent.

The brand uses the strategy of “Revive – Sustain – Empower” for its production hubs and strives not only to create a high fashion quality brand but also in turn bring work to the homes of the artisans living in rural areas of Pakistan.  Moreover the startup not only develops and designs its own products through engaging artisans but also provides a parallel market linkage to the artisans of Pakistan to promote, exhibit and sell the products developed on their own.

The products developed under the banner include apparels, textile products, leather products and other decorative and utility items. The items are being produced through production hubs of rural artisans spread across Pakistan.